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* basic things; Nicole - 18 - 16/10/93 - Australian - 162cm
* I'm fairly fluent in Japanese - there are still a lot of words I don't know, and I still can't explain myself the way I can in English.
* I'm pretty shy and easily intimidated when I meet someone for the first time.
* apparently I have more confidence when speaking Japanese.
* I'm introverted and sometimes pessimistic.
* I love j-pop, k-pop, visual-kei, j-dramas, anime and manga :D
* suspense dramas are my favourite. Bloody Monday, Maou, Othros no Inu etc.
* Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru are my favourite j-actors :'D
* Haruma came to my hometown once (clue: Letters) and I had absolutely no idea.
* Becky came here once, too. I cut her picture out of my newspaper as a memory.
* I sort of dislike Nakajima Yuto of Hey! Say! JUMP. he looked at me funny at Disneysea once. didn't listen to HSJ for around 9 months after that. no lies.
* I love listening to Asian Pop Addict every Tuesday (because I don't live in the US). those girls make me laugh :D
* kind of like twittering. most of it is actually boredom during the holidays.
* I love Tsuji Nozomi, she's the cutest mother I've ever seen. I want to be a mother like her one day :)
* I'm subject to random nosebleeds every few months.
* my favourite English-language tv show is... Blackadder :D it's old, but hilarious.
* my dream is to become a singer in Japan.
* I want to get my nails Japanese-style one day.
* I was in a Japanese travel show about Australia once. I talked about AAA because they're awesome like that. but the staff said my friend was cuter than me -__-
* there is absolutely no doubt that I will marry a Japanese guy when I get older.
* alone time is very important to me.
* I hate spiders, bugs and snakes.
* I love keitai novels. you know, Koizora, Akai Ito etc.
* I like starry night skies.
* my iPod is the one thing I must constantly have on me when I'm not at home.
* I admire BoA. she's the type of singer I want to become.
* my favourite foods are ramen, yakiniku and inari :D
* I imagine that Shida Mirai is like her character in "Seigi no Mikata", and that makes me want to be friends with her.
* I really want a mac so I can have Logic Studio and create more songs.
* I really want a digital slr camera, too. but they are kind of expensive...
* I'm shorter than my little sister who is 4 years younger than me -_-"
* I've been to Japan twice before, loved it.
* I have an unexpected interest in history. like world war 2 and the holocaust. it intrigues me.
* I smell my old school uniform from Japan because I like the smell. Japanese clothes have it, if they've been washed there, haha.
* I'm ticklish pretty much everywhere. Especially behind my ears.
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